The Van Raam bicycle App
Version 1.1 is available, check the release notes for the changes

free download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the Van Raam bicycle app

You can:
- Adjust bike settings;
- Sent SOS message with GPS location;
- Latest cycling data, including speed, distance and battery capacity.

The Van Raam app for your smartphone
The Van Raam bicycle App is a free smartphone application that you can use while cycling with your Van Raam electric bicycle. This app can be used as a luxurious bike computer for all Van Raam bicycles with pedal assistance. Furthermore, the app includes other additional features such as an SOS function and a function which allows you to adjust the pedal assistance while cycling.

How to install and use the Van Raam app?

Step 1: Download the Van Raam App

Step 2: Register before usage

Step 3: Log in to the Van Raam App

Step 4: Choose the right bicycle

Step 5: Enjoy cycling with the Van Raam App

All information on the Van Raam App

Read all information and a detailed description of Van Raam’s app in the user manual and FAQ, these can be downloaded on the left side of this page.

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